Our Officers and Members


Masters City Golf Association, Inc.·(MCGA) would like take this opportunity to invite you to share in our commitment to promoting golf and the objectives of the association.·

MCGA membership is open to individuals of any sex, age or race regardless of your golf handicap.· An MCGA member in good standing must recommend a prospective member. Once approved, the prospective member will be invited to become a full member of the organization.  There are four classes of membership within the MCGA: Active, Life, Honorary, and Auxiliary.

The Constitution and By-Laws govern the requirements for each class of membership.

The Membership Application must be completed for consideration of membership.· The application is available for completion in our Brochures and Documents section.

Members Supporting First Tee

  • William Wells
  • David Young
  • Herb O’Conner
  • Mike Austin
  • Doris Bush
  • Tyrum Smith
  • Alicia James
  • Lenzell Ponder
  • Victor Wheeler


Contact Us:

Masters City Golf Association , P.O. Box 6321, Augusta, GA· 30916-6321

  • Victor Wheeler…(706)-796-6790
  • Mike Austin …….(706) 414-5146


  • President: Lenzell Ponder
  • Vice President: Alicia James
  • Secretary: George Bailey
  • Treasurer: Deborrah Wilcox
  • At-Large: Wymond Smith
  • At-Large: Doris Bush
  • At-Large::Charles Murphy
  • At-Large: James Buchanan
  • Tournament Director: Michael Austin



  • Barnes, Samuel
  • Bland Jr., Frank
  • Bradshaw, Robert
  • Brinson, Marcus
  • Camacho, Dionisio
  • Captain, Amos
  • Coachman, Russell
  • Crouch, Michael
  • Dalton, William
  • Edmond, Larry Rev.
  • Ellison, Jerry
  • Germany, Gene
  • Graham, David
  • Gray, Elliott
  • Green, Leonard
  • Hill, Charles
  • Holmes, Johnny
  • Hudson, Joe
  • Hunt, Byron
  • James, Alicia
  • Kemp, Leroy
  • Lewis-Herring, Desiree
  • Lightfoot, Rodney
  • Lockhart, Vincent
  • Moye, Charles
  • Murphy, Lewis
  • O’Conner, Herb
  • Page, Jr., Willis
  • Poellnitz, Roy
  • Ponder, Charles
  • Riddle, George
  • Rouse, Gardell
  • Ruffin, Walter Lee III
  • Sanders, Kenneth
  • Simmons, Selina
  • Smith, Adam Lee
  • Smith Lemond’e (TyRun)
  • Wells, William Ellis
  • Wheeler, Victor
  • Williams, Daniel