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Masters City Golf Association, Inc. (MCGA) is a nonprofit organization chartered in the state of Georgia. Eleven Augusta and Fort Gordon golfing buddies organized the MCGA on September 12, 1984. Currently, MCGA have more than 40 Active, Life and Honorary members. The Constitution and By-Laws carried out through its elected officers, and appointed committees and individuals, govern the activities and operations of the MCGA. Consistent with its purpose and objectives, MCGA strives to be a progressive supporter of golf and other worthy causes within the Central Savannah River Area (CSRA).


Purpose: The purpose of MCGA is to provide fellowship and camaraderie for its members through golf and to promote and support junior golf within the CSRA.


Objectives: The Objectives of the MCGA are:

  • To promote golf clinics and workshops.
  • To introduce golf to all interested youths within the Central Savannah River Area.
  • To foster frequent group play among members and guests.
  • To promote golf excursions in and out of the local area.
  • To promote and host an annual invitational golf tournament.
  • To provide an annual scholarship to a youth(s) from within the Central Savannah River Area.
  • To conduct an annual MCGA members championship tournament.
  • To conduct a minimum of two fund-raising activities annually.
  • To support any endeavor that the general membership sanction as worthy and appropriate

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